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Username: admin
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Password: employee

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Batch and Course

This section includes all the details about a student’s batch and the course he/she has chosen. You will be able to look for a student’s data.

Student Admission

This segment covers all the basic information about the students. Personal information along with contact information and the guardian’s details will also be collected here.


Everything related to student’s attendance comes under this segment. Teachers, students as well as parents can log in at any time to check the attendance history.

Human Resource

This section is for the teaching personnel. Everything from their employment details to personal information as well as class allocation will be covered here.


This section allows you to monitor the time table of classes. You can monitor what segment is being taught to any particular batch at any given time.


Parents can log in to find the details about their kid’s fee paid and also when the next installment is due.

Exam Management

This section will contain all information regarding the exams including the schedules, portion for the exams and even their reports.

Leave Management

This section covers comprehensively the leaves taken by both the students as well as the faculty.

Report Generation

Report generation allows you to create a report of student’s fee remittance. This report will include all the details.

Premium Modules

Library Management

This module allows you to manage your libraries virtually. In addition, you can monitor who is taking what book and when it is due.


Route maps, boarding points as well as bus timings will be featured in this segment.

Online Examination

This feature allows you to conduct exams online. Each and every student will be having their own user name and password.

Promotion Management

Managing the promotion of the students is a tricky thing. This module helps you to deal with the process in the best way.

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring is an elite feature helps to improve performance of the students.


With this segment we provide you the option to make changes to the running of the software so that it caters to your needs the best.

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  • All Core Modules
  • Premium Modules
  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Batches & Courses
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  • 80$ Monthly Fee After First Year



  • All Core Modules
  • All Premium Modules
  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Batches & Courses
  • Hosting Optional (Local Server)
  • Single License (Source Code)
  • Priority Support
  • Free Installation
  • Live Demo
  • One-time Fee



  • All Core Modules
  • All Premium Modules
  • Unlimited Students
  • Unlimited Batches & Courses
  • Hosting Optional
  • Unlimited Licenses (Source Code)
  • Priority Support
  • Customization Support
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • One-time Fee